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Blood On Satan's Claw Or, The Devil's Skin

Blood On Satan's Claw Or, The Devil's Skin

Robert Wynne-Simmons

Signed Edition With Vinyl Soundtrack

Exclusive Bundle

Book Artwork By Richard Wells

Signed Edition - Released By Unbound

Signed Bookplate With An Exclusive Bookmark

Vinyl Released By Trunk Records

Beware the buried skull underfoot and watch out for children with fur on their backs...

Blood on Satan's Claw is widely regarded as part of the ‘unholy trinity’ of cult classics which gave birth to the film genre that would become known as folk horror. Along with The Wicker Man and Witchfinder General, it found new ways to terrify audiences using elements of superstition and folklore.

Now, fifty years after its release, readers can experience the unearthing of this terror in the film’s first official novelisation: a compelling and frightening retelling of the fate of unfortunate villagers sacrificed by their own children as devil worship infiltrates their rural existence.

Written by the film’s original screenwriter Robert Wynne-Simmons and featuring haunting new illustrations from Richard Wells, it is an atmospheric and defining cult classic in the making.


Over many years the film has slowly gained a cultish reputation, and there are rumours that good old Tim Burton is a very big fan and used the movie as an influence for his “Sleepy Hollow” production. The score was never released. Written by Marc Wilkinson, former director of music for the National Theatre, this cult soundtrack takes its lead from “The Devil’s Interval”, but more about that in the next paragraph. Musical appearances from the Ondes Martenot (the earliest electronic instrument) and Cimbalom add to the overall spookiness of this recording. And in 38 years the music has lost none of its depth or addictive, evil hooks. The first pressing sold out many years ago and commands high prices. A repress has been requested for many years.

*Robert Wynne-Simmons is an award-winning British composer, film director and screenwriter whose credits include: Blood on Satan's Claw, Double Piquet, The Outcasts, The Book Tower, Scherzo, The Deluge and Kurtz. Robert's art, whether it be in music, film direction, writing or theatre, is intended to give to its audience the inspiration to think in new ways. His works, some of which now have cult status, have a lasting attraction for those that discover them, and create an atmosphere to which they will wish to return. Either internally, in music and writing, or more directly, in films, they conjure up vivid mental pictures, and the sense of a heightened reality.

He invites you to share in the experiences of the characters he creates, comic or tragic, in a place where attitudes and fortunes turn on a sixpence, and nothing is quite as expected. At its height, his work has a visionary quality, and, as film critic Dilys Powell once said, ‘a sense of magic, which is not easily forgotten’.

*Richard Wells is an illustrator and graphic designer. Primarily working in the television industry, he has provided graphic props for the likes of Poldark, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and the recent BBC adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Outside of his television work, he makes and sells his own darkly folkloric artwork, often lino cut and printed by hand. His most recent work includes a series of prints based on the ghost stories of M.R. James, out of which has developed this illustrated short story project with Unbound.

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