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IN WOODS OF SOMBRE FATE: Colin Insole Mount Abraxas Limited Edition

IN WOODS OF SOMBRE FATE: Colin Insole Mount Abraxas Limited Edition



Colin Insole


Mount Abraxas


Limited To 88 Copies - This Being No.78


First Edition


Another Timeless Weird / Occult Masterpiece From Insole.



"Wednesday, 24 August, 1932


During basic training, in 1914, a veteran of the campaigns in German East Africa gave his time voluntarily to teach us camouflage. He showed us how to use light and shadow, dawn, dusk and the heat of the sun, as masks to melt our bodies onto the gaps where dappled reflection blurs the eyes and confuses perception. He taught us how to cross a field, with only tussocks of grass for cover in full sight of the enemy. And the same principles apply to busy streets, where lamps and doorways are like trees and bushes. After Alois' experiences in the woods, I spent the morning teaching these skills to my group. They should be able to elude the blundering heifers of the Freikorps."



An excerpt from the wonderful new work from Colin Insole.




An awe-inspiring short story presented as a large hardcover volume, with illustrated endpapers, frontispiece artwork, etc. The covers are printed on Buckram paper.


Art by Mysterious Four.


    You will be provided with a tracking number and website address for you to keep an eye on your purchase.  The book will need to be signed for as well.


    NEW / FINE


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