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MALORIE: Josh Malerman Signed Del Ray First Edition

MALORIE: Josh Malerman Signed Del Ray First Edition



Josh Malerman


Signed Del Ray First Edition


Signed By Malerman


Malorie is a 2020 post-apocalyptic horror novel by Josh Malerman and the sequel to his 2014 debut novel Bird Box. It was published on July 21, 2020, through Del Rey.


Two years after arriving at a school for the blind, Malorie and her two young children, Olympia and Tom, are forced to venture out of the place again when mass chaos ensues after creatures manage to break in. She sees a blind woman named Annette, who was driven to madness by the creatures and comes to the conclusion that the creatures have evolved and can now spread madness through touch. Twelve years after this, the novel finds Malorie, Olympia, and Tom living in an abandoned Jewish summer camp. Tom and Olympia are now teenagers who find themselves chafing under the multiple restrictions and expectations placed upon them. Things take a major turn once Malorie learns of another community of survivors in another area far off and that her own parents may be among the shelter's occupants. Along the way she also learns that there are people who claim to have experimented on the creatures that have decimated humanity and that they may pose an all-new threat to those who have survived.


    You will be provided with a tracking number and website address for you to keep an eye on your purchase.  The book will need to be signed for as well.


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