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MIDAS / BURN THE PLANS & FIND THE TORCH: Tyler Jones Earthling & Thunder Bundle

MIDAS / BURN THE PLANS & FIND THE TORCH: Tyler Jones Earthling & Thunder Bundle



Tyler Jones


Earthling Publications & Thunderstorm Books Bundle


Signed & Numbered Limited Editions - Midas (No.68 of 500) & Burn The Plans (No.44 of 150)





Thunderstorm signed limited hardcover edition of Burn the Plans, Earthling Publications signed limited hardcover edition of Midas, and a BONUS unsigned bound chapbook of Find The Torch (Tyler Jones, Josh Malerman, and Michael Marshall Smith).




Halloween Series novel #18: An epic horror novel about a family fighting against death in an unsettling vision of the Old West, by the author of Burn the Plans (an Esquire Best Horror Book of 2022).


Former preacher Jeremiah Pevensie has lost his faith after the death of his young son. When he discovers a dead body in the woods near his house, and a map depicting a location that doesn’t exist, Jeremiah and his wife begin a journey to uncover the secret of a power that can transform anything to pure gold. A journey that puts them on a collision course with a violent cult leader.


From the peak of a secret mountain where time stands still, to a stone fortress that never stops growing, Midas is a brutal and gripping novel of greed, terror, sacrifice...and consequences.




A collection featuring fifteen tales of supernatural suspense.


In “A Sharp Black Line” children go missing whenever a ghostly island appears in the center of a river during a storm, and a father must make a terrible choice.


Two young brothers are tasked with burying the family dog, and uncover dark family secrets in “Trigger.”


In “Red Hands” a disturbed man goes on a killing spree, and his childhood friend suspects it has something to do with what they found, many years ago, hidden in a cave.


A courtroom sketch artist draws the evil she cannot see in “The Devil on the Stand.”


A young boy sets out to get photographic proof of the ghosts that haunt his home in “Boo!”


Grotesque government experiments, a remote viewer who blurs past and future, a crate that contains ancient evil, and bloodthirsty machines are all part of the world in which these tales take place.


One of Esquire Magazine’s “Best Horror Books of 2022”, Burn the Plans is a relentless journey into the dark places we end up when all of our plans go wrong.


This deluxe edition features cover art by Ben Baldwin and “Stridor,” a brand new novella written for this release. Also includes interior illustrations by Ryan Mills.


“Tyler Jones’ stories are a manifesto for how horror can move, disturb, amuse, and devastate…written with such heart and humanity that you close the book feeling refreshed, confident that horror still has much to offer.”


– Esquire Magazine


Midas is a heart-wrenching cautionary tale about greed, and love, and loss, and so many of the flawed parts of ourselves that leave gaping holes where perfection should be. However, as Jones points out—in gruesome, diabolic detail—it’s those missing pieces that make us human, and fallible, and—in some cases—murderous. This is a story I won’t soon forget; there is imagery in this book I’ll take with me to the grave.”


—Philip Fracassi, author of Boys in the Valley


"Tyler Jones writes with the lyrical complexity and haunting tenderness of masters like Matheson and Straub while remaining entirely new and inventive. A true visionary of contemporary horror fiction."


—Eric LaRocca, author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke


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