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THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE: Samantha Shannon 2019 Bloomsbury Rebind

THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE: Samantha Shannon 2019 Bloomsbury Rebind



Samantha Shannon




2019 Bloomsbury Rebind


With Custom Made Solander Box


The hardback version of The Priory of the Orange Tree is no longer in print, so the copies in 'new' condition are becoming very hard to source.


The Priory of the Orange Tree is a 2019 fantasy novel by writer Samantha Shannon. The novel was published on 26 February 2019 by Bloomsbury Publishing. Shannon describes the novel as a "feminist retelling of Saint George and the Dragon."


The evil, fire-breathing wyrm known as the Nameless One was defeated nearly a thousand years ago by the knight Sir Galian Berethnet with a sword, Ascalon, created by the Witch of Inysca. Sir Galian married Princess Cleolind after battling the wyrm on her behalf. Their descendents in the House of Berethnet have ruled Inys as queens and been the symbol of the religion of Virtuedom, while dragons and magic are condemned and feared. Currently, Queen Sabran the Ninth's power in Inys is tenuous; she has yet to produce an heir to the throne and the Nameless One threatens to awaken again.


Ead Duryan is an outsider from the South who acts as a lady-in-waiting and protector to Sabran, but is loyal to the secret mage society of the Priory, which has its own view of the history of Cleolind, the Mother, and Sir Galian, the Deceiver. Meanwhile, Lord Arteloth Beck, close friend of Sabran, is banished from Inys on a futile quest by those who seek to weaken the queen.


In the East, where water dragons are revered as living gods, Miduchi Tané has spent her life training to become a dragon rider. When Tané comes upon an outsider and trespasser from the West, she throws her future into jeopardy by hiding him with Niclays Roos, an alchemist searching for the secret to immortality who was banished from Sabran's court years ago.


*Original hardback book published by Bloomsbury in 2019 - SEE IMAGE

*Bound in orange Pentland goat skin with 3D dragon detail to front and back.

*Spine with raised bands.

*Blue rolled leather headband.

*Interior marbled endpapers.


    You will be provided with a tracking number and website address for you to keep an eye on your purchase.  The book will need to be signed for as well.


    NEW / FINE


    The book can be purchased via PayPal, this will give you the exact same consumer protection afforded on other sites, helping to provide you with piece of mind when purchasing if needed.

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