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V: Series Of Books Based On The Hit TV Series - 1st Edition Vintage Paperbacks

V: Series Of Books Based On The Hit TV Series - 1st Edition Vintage Paperbacks



1st Edition Vintage Paperback Bundle


Pinnacle & Tor Editions


Please See Images - Top Left Is An Edition Based On The TV Series.


The Remainder Are Editions Released By Pinnacle & Tor.


Based On The TV Series Below:


"V" stands for "Victory." This is the emblem/sign that gets spray-painted over posters of the alien race that have come to Earth and is used as a sign of rebellion for those who stand against the aliens. Reptilian in form, the aliens disguise themselves as humans in order to put them off their guard. They claim that they are in need of a chemical substance on their planet and ask for our help to produce it. In return, they offer to teach us about their advancements in science and technology. Little to the humans' knowledge, the reptilians are in fact stealing our water and cryogenically freezing humans to transport back to their planet as food. The series centers on the efforts of a journalist named Michael Donovan and a group of rebel fighters, who try to save the planet by fighting against the aliens.


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